Bellows Awning Systems

Bellows awnings systems are usually applied by placing them on the tops of balconies and windows. It differs from other tents in that it is closed at its sides and cuts off the sun’s rays. As the metal parts of the bellows tents are gradual, you have the ability to adjust the direction of the tent as you like, whichever direction the sun rays come from. Like harmful “UV” sun rays, it is the most preferred tarpaulins system because of the elegance and elegance it adds to the areas where it is used. Mega Awnings Systems has been producing a wide range of awesome awning with its expert team of years experience and know-how, and has created customer satisfaction from its service.

Bellows Awnings have a wide variety of color cartel. It is a model of a canopy that has a long service life thanks to the stainless materials used on its frame. The retractable awning also has a manual opening and closing system, and occupies very little space when closed. cafes, restaurants, glass and balconies of the house, this awning model adds considerable elegance to the rooms in appearance.


Mega Bellows Round Awning

Bellows Round The image of a canopy is oval, so the most popular fruit of the summer months is like a watermelon. For this reason, it is known as a watermelon awning. With its wide color scale and models, it is ideal for creating a different image on the entrance of the workplace on the balconies of houses. Offering visual comfort and comfort at the same time, the Karpuz Awning can provide absolute protection from outdoor influences such as sunshine and rain.


Bellows Tunnel Awning

Bellows Tunnel Awning is a fixed model with the advantage of demoulding with a steel casting bellows system, positioned according to the entrance of the structure to be used. It is usually preferred to create status awareness at the entrance of hotels, garages, entrances, restaurants, entertainment centers, plazas and business centers. With the elegance and elegance added to the area where the buildings are used, it comes to the forefront.



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Articulated Awning Systems block harmful rays with a protection factor to protect everything under the sun and rain. The tents provided by the Mega Tarpaulin create more space to live.


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