Sloping Pergola Awning Systems

The sloping pergola systems are open and close canopy systems used to protect against bad weather conditions during the four seasons of the year. inclined pergola systems are movable ceiling systems that can be adapted to aluminum, wood and steel construction, moving on rails. Straight-inclined pergola systems The sloping shape allows the rainwater to flow when the fabric is stretched. The product can be built on a wall or as a stand-alone structure. Straight inclined pergola systems are designed to be resistant to winds at 117 km / h, 11 times the intensity of the Beaufort winds, resistant to rain, snow and sunshine. there are water channels in the sloping pergola systems to allow the water to flow out in rainy and snowy weather.

In order to obtain high efficiency in the use of open area in inclined pergola systems, the extrusion aluminum part of the system is painted by electrostatic powder paint method. All bolts, screws and pins are made of high quality stainless steel for long life.

Sloping Pergola Awning Features

  • Non-burning, non-firing German fabric material.
  • Highly textured aluminum casing.
  • Parts and fittings made of 304 quality stainless steel.
  • Pop-up automation system.
  • Somfy and Becker automation system.
  • Brightness adjustable LED – TEC technology.
  • Despite environmental factors, long-life use is suitable.


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