Cassette Awning Systems

Cassette Awning Systems combine the urban lifestyle with nature. The cover and arm mechanism remains in a closed cassette when retracted. It is an ideal model for those who like to have a smooth and subtle appearance of graffiti. your garden wraps your terrace with a soothing elegance of your balcony and makes your guests a stylish place to feel at home. The front panel adds an individual authenticity to the space where numerous style options and variable designs are used. As a result, it is a clean and stylish design product with a fully functional performance. Thanks to these advantages, you can comfortably spend many hours in the shade while relaxing.

CassetteAwning Systems with a wide range of optional technologies, color variants and additional equipment, with folding arms, a variety of equipment features such as 5 – 25 ° tilt adjustment via a tilt knob, water discharge through an integrated profile in the front profile. has a mild appearance at the fascinating level. The progressive style represents a deliberate façade design with the Cascade Tarpaulin.


Mega Flat Cassette Awning

The Flat Cassette Awning offers the most shading for all areas: different top and bottom arm lengths provide excellent handling and maintain the tension even if the awning is fully extended. All screws and basic parts are made of all weather resistant stainless steel. The classic, slim appearance of the cassette, fixing and functional items is compatible with all standard colors. The fabric variety is enormous and available in waterproof versions.


Mega Cylinder Cassette Awning

Cylinder Cassette Awning is perfect for fitting in any wall or ceiling, even in small, compact dimensions. Thanks to the “U” shaped front profile that covers both the folding arms and the cylinder tube elegantly, it provides the ideal protection for your balconies and terraces by minimizing size and weight. Finally, a wide range of fabrics offers the possibility to work with elbow joints with a large number of optional round steel connecting chains or for great convenience.



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