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Mega Awning Systems Construction, Industry and Trade Limited Company has been operating since 1999. Areas of activity are glass balconies, glass systems, interior architecture and pergola systems. provides direct services to its customers. The reason for this is the communication problems caused by the vendors. Its services are provided by its own interior architects specialist staff, wide machine park and experienced installation personnel.

Pergola Awning

Enjoy sunshine and fresh air in the open air with the Pergola Awning or sit under the rain; Mega Awning Systems provide you with an extra living space in the open air.


Winter Garden

Winter Garden Systems are systems that can be used in summer and winter months in sizes and sizes in the desired models with the glass ceiling and closed roof winter garden fountains.


Auto Guillotine Glass

Guillotine Glass Handrail systems are specially produced according to all required measurements and are convenient and convenient to use in every area.


Bellows Awning

Bellowed canopy systems are usually applied by placing them on the tops of balconies and windows. It differs from other tents in that it is closed at its sides and cuts off the sun's rays.


Articulated Awning

Articulated Awning Systems block harmful rays with a protection factor to protect everything under the sun and rain. The tents provided by the Mega Tarpaulin create more space to live.


Cassette Awning

Casked Awning Systems combine the urban lifestyle with nature. The cover and arm mechanism remains in a closed cassette when retracted. It is ideal for those who like to relax the smooth and subtle look of the subterranean tenten.


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