Rolling Roof Modern Pergola

Rolling Roof Modern Pergola is our system where you can enjoy the comforts of the four seasons which provide the protection from the factors such as rain, snow, sun, wind, daylight as well as the protection from the factors of heat insulation. Rolling Roof Modern Pergola provides many advantages and advantages to its customers. Pergola is used for shading purposes. Because there is a risk of water leakage in rainy weather, it is more convenient to use in rainless weather conditions. However, since the panels can be folded at the desired angle in the Rolling Roof sunroof system, even if the outdoor environment is rainy, a slight amount of air between the panels is opened, allowing ventilation without water entry into the interior space. The covered area can not be used in this case since excessive snow load (if the necessary indoor temperature can not be maintained) can not be transported and it is necessary to open the pergola during heavy snowfall weather. However, Rolling Pergola Roof is resistant to all kinds of weather conditions.

Panels in the Rolling Pergola Roof Opening Ceiling system are a system that is easier to intervene in terms of cleaning than pergola systems since it works with Venetian blinds. Rolling Roof Modern Pergola sunroof system has safety measures not available in pergola systems. Due to the use of dual motors, the movement of the sensors is oriented so that the system movements are compatible with each other.

Automatic Motion Sensor

  • Our product now folds around its own axis thanks to its 36cm panels. Then the panels are collected backwards, creating a completely open area.
  • The movement of the panels is provided through wheels.
  • The wall thicknesses of the aluminum profiles used in our system are; 2 mm on the panel part, 4 mm on the body part and 5 mm on the top rail profile.
  • The horizontal conveyors we have used in the rolling roof system are max. It is applied at 3 m.
  • The system has the ability to use aluminum panels automatically to control the weather conditions and the sun to control the desired position. In addition, the Rolling roof features a superior feature, as well as the ability to benefit from high performance by providing a gradient of 5%, the most appropriate way is designed.
  • In accordance with our system technology, max. It has the ability to close an area of ​​80m² at one time.

Heat and Water Insulation

  • The water drainage system in our system prevents water from flowing out through the rain water, and the water is safely discharged thanks to the carrier feet since it is the main rainfall.
  • When indoor ventilation is required, the upper panel is lightly opened in a controlled manner under very low rainfall conditions, allowing air circulation inside.
  • Rolling roof ceiling system, max. 8 m wide and max. Application can be made at 10 m opening.
  • All components used in the system are stainless steel.
  • The dimensions of the special aluminum carrier profiles, which are the most important part of our product, are 100 × 200 and 100 × 150.
  • Our system is guaranteed for 2 years spare parts. Operational faults are not covered by the warranty.
  • The system-specific LED light is created according to the customer’s request.


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