Round Pergola Awning

Rounded swing systems are designed to protect against all kinds of weather conditions. The sloping versions guarantee durability against the winds at 8th grade on the Beaufort scale, while the flat versions have the 6th degree durability. The most important feature of the Round Pergola systems is that it allows you to create your imagination with your soft contours and sympathetic design complementing visual integrity. The product provides visual integrity from different angles. This design, which has dynamic and aesthetic lines in appearance, is a harmonious addition to any kind of mechana. Round Pergola Systems are made from special Dickson Blackout fabric. The round pergola system is actuated by a ratio-motor and can be remotely controlled. On-demand control can also be done manually only on versions with tilting up to a 2-track flat 350 cm projection.

Our round Pergola systems are designed by our customers considering all architectural concerns and they are assembled with the assurance of Mega Tarpaulin systems. We are the model of oval pergola that can be made up to elevation of 11 meters. It becomes oval, provided that the bends are applied to the rails. An average of 15% slope should be given to the system.

Round Pergola Awning Features

  • Construction Colors (Texture Paint): White, Brown, Anthracite Gray, Cream, Black
  • Blackout Fabric Colors: Gray, White, Cream
  • Our Oval Pergola system is made from high strength aluminum alloy materials and is manufactured as electrostatic powder painted.
  • The fabric used in the Oval Pergola Systems is a 5-year warranty, flame retardant, heatproof, light-proof blackout fabric. In the system, the fabric is folded back.
  • Floor connection profiles 120x80mm. It is made of aluminum profile and the system connection elements are made from non-rusting materials.
  • It is resistant to the breezing wind at 90 km / h and an average snow depth of 30 cm.
  • Round Pergola Systems are under our company guarantee for 5 years.


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